Our Family’s Favorite Winter Read Aloud Books


Our family is most definitely a reading family and over the years we have grown to love a handful of books that are our favorites to read only during the Winter months. I’m sure as my kiddos get older this list will and may change, but for now, all of these books are asked to be read over and over while I have them out for the winter. I like to rotate some of my books, by season and when I bring them out the kids are so happy because it’s as if they are old friends that they haven’t seen in a long time! They are so happy to see them again, and start naming them off as they look through the pile.


I’m sure that by now you are probably saying, “How in the world do you or I get my child to sit through a book? The key is to slowly read to them more and more every day. There is something about reading that is almost magical, you see the wheels spinning, the imaginations working, the vocabulary growing, and then you see it as they play.  When they start talking about a story or using some of the vocabulary during their play.

So let’s make it a fun experience, make hot cocoa, or let them play quietly, building with Legos, coloring, drawing, or doing a puzzle. The rule is that they do not talk to one another while you are reading.  If they continually ask questions during the story, it takes away from it. Just tell them that you will answer questions after, and that you want them to think about it for a while. Also be dramatic and enthusiastic when you read, kids totally know when you are excited about it or not and that will also set the tone during reading as well. So little by little their attention will increase every time you read, especially if you make it part of your daily routine. Pretty soon, they will want to read some books over and over, and when you are going to stop reading they will say, “more please”, or “can we read just one more”? Which is always music to my ears.

Now it may be a little crazy when they want you to read the same book over and over. But do not fret, what is happening is that they are memorizing the story. Which is a building block for reading, and builds their vocabulary.

So Happy Reading!!!


Owl Moon by: Jane Yolen

A father and his daughter go out late at night searching for owls, which they call, “Owling”.

Brave Irene by: William Steig

A young girl has to be brave and deliver a special dress her mother made during a snow storm.

Snowflake Bentley by: Jacqueline Briggs Martin

A young boy curious about snow flakes, learns to photograph them, discovering that every single snow flake is unique and different.

White Snow Bright Snow by: Alvin Tresselt

The enjoyment of snow experienced by a child.

A New Coat For Anna by: Harriet Ziefert

A mother has to trade her valuables post WW II, to have a new coat made for her daughter.

A beautiful little book that is a classic Christmas song with the cutest illustrations.

The Big Snow by: Berta and Elmer Hader

All the animals in the forest are getting ready for winter. Some leave, some hibernate, and some go south. So much detail as to which animals do what.

The Mitten by: Jan Brett

A fun story about a little boy who wants his Grandmother to make him white mittens, and he drops one in the snow. When the animals in the forest find it, one by one they all want to crawl inside of the cozy mitten.

The Hat by: Jan Brett

A little girl is getting her woolens ready for winter, by hanging them outside to air out. One of her hats falls onto the snowy ground and a silly little hedge hog puts it on, and it gets stuck on his head because of his prickles.

Thy Friend Obadiah by: Brinton Turkle

A little boy is befriended by a sea gull and is bothered at first but then he discovers why.

The Biggest Bear by: Lynd Ward

A young boy named Johnny wants to hunt a bear, but when he comes upon one in the forest, he changes his mind.

Winter Poems by: Barbara Rogasky and Trina Schart Hyman

A collection of poems inspired by winter and written about winter time.

A Time of Wonder by: Robert McCloskey

The very detailed experience of weather, and seasons, during a family vacation.

Katy and the Big Snow by: Virginia Lee Burton

A tractor saves the day with a snow plow after a big snow and makes a way for the townspeople to do their job.

When Winter Comes by: Nancy Van Laan

A young child and his parents go for a walk in the snow and discover what the animals and the insects do to prepare for winter.

Jingle Bells (Sing and read story book) (Sing and read story book) by: Darcy May

A cute little sing and read story book of the classic song, “Jingle Bells” with pictures of children enjoying a sleigh ride in the snow.

The Snowy Day by: Ezra Jack Keats

A little boy is out and about experiencing the snow.

The Bravest Dog Ever: The true story of Balto. by: Natalie Stanford and Donald Cook

A brave dog travels a great distance to get medicine to a village, in order to help the children to get well.

Farmer Boy by: Laura Ingalls Wilder

A wonderful story about a boy growing up on a farm with his family, learning and growing in character.

These books are thoroughly enjoyed by myself, my husband, our 2yrs. old all the way up to my 9yrs. old, we just love them all. Especially on a cold rainy day, with a cup of hot cocoa, warm blankets, candles, twinkling lights, and lot’s of cuddling on our cozy couch. It’s such a special time! Lot’s of special memories being made that I will keep in my heart forever, which is also my goal to make memories that my children will keep in their hearts forever too!

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!

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Good luck and have fun!!

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I would love to hear about favorite books you and your family like to read. Also if you have any questions, I would love to answer them.

Enjoy your day!!!



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