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Mommy’s Current Reading Booklist Spring 2015


Hello Friends!

I hope you are enjoying Spring! I am loving the sunshine and the warmer weather. Even though I do prefer the cold myself. I love seeing all the birds out, trees are green, flowers are blooming, and the butterflies are fluttering around. It’s such a beautiful time!

Now since I love to read to my children and I love to read. I thought I would challenge myself to make it a habit of reading a lot more. I’m hoping to finish these books in a couple of months, but we will see how long it takes. I will let you know my progress in July. (wink wink)

I love the thought of curling up in a comfy chair or on the couch with a good book, and a cup of coffee or tea. Or I picture myself sitting on the beach reading too. Oh so relaxing! Doesn’t that sound great?? Who doesn’t need time to recharge? I know I do a lot!

So without further a do, here are the books I will be reading for the next  two months. Hopefully, you will get the chance to read on the beach or curl up on a chair with tea or coffee soon!!

For The Children’s Sake Foundations of Education for Home and School  By: Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Bringing Up Boys by: Dr. James Dobson

Own Your Life by: Sally Clarkson

As I See It by: Cathe Laurie

The Ministry of Motherhood by: Sally Clarkson

Anne of Green Gables by: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Some of the pictures that go with the links are not the same as the books I have. A few of the ones I have are older editions and that is why they look different then the ones in my pictures. But that’s okay! As long as I get into the books! (smile)

Yes, I know you may be thinking, how in the world can I make time to read?? I am so busy!!

Well you and I have to be very creative. So I make my reading time during quiet time, or when there is a few minutes in between meals, changing diapers, nursing, laundry, cleaning up spills, or at night after the children are all asleep.

Now, it may not be every day that I or you can read of course. Just take one day at a time, Lot’s of people may say, they get tired when they are reading, and yes that happens to me too when I’m exhausted. But as time goes on your eyes wil get used to it. You just have to keep exercising your eye muscles. (smile)

Now, it’s time to be brave and join me in this reading adventure. Maybe one of the books I am reading will interest you and you can join me in the fun!  Or pick something else that interests you.  All that matters is that you get started.  You can also start out with audio books as well. And see if you can get it in that way. Who doesn’t like to be read to, right? So if you have always wanted to start reading and haven’t spent the time, I strongly encourage you to do so.  They even say that if you start reading the classics you will want to continue reading, because they are such great books.

I am looking forward to hearing all about your reading journey. So please keep in touch! I’ll let you know my progress in July or sooner!

Happy Reading!

In His Love,



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2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Current Reading Booklist Spring 2015”

    1. Thank you so much Patsy! What book caught your attention, to possibly read?
      I am half way through Own Your Life, and so far it has been a great read. Really encouraging!

      Have a beautiful day!
      In His Love,

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