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Nature Study Entry: American Grass Spider (Agelenopsis)



“Agelenopsis is a genus of spiders, known as American grass spiders.[1] They weave sheet webs that have a funnel shelter on one edge. The web is not sticky, but these spiders make up for that shortcoming by running very rapidly. The larger specimens (depending on species) can grow to about 19 mm in body length.

They may be recognized by the arrangement of their eight eyes into three rows. The top row has two eyes, the middle row has four eyes, and the bottom row has two eyes (spaced wider than the ones on the top row). They have two prominent hind spinnerets, somewhat indistinct bands on their legs, and two dark bands running down either side of the cephalothorax.” Per Wikipedia.

It’s so true,  these guys sure are fast, my husband had to be quick to catch it.  I’m so glad it didn’t get away.  My brave girl and my boys just loved observing it. My youngest son, who is 6yrs. Old said, “This spider has a really big abdomen.”  I had a proud mama moment when I heard that. When our family was done observing it, we let it go outside where it belongs.

Hopefully, we won’t see one again for a long time in our home anyway.

Here is a picture of one of their webs:



Hope you enjoyed learning about Grass Spiders with us.

Have a wonderful day!!

In His Love,


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