Sock Heaven ?




Isn’t funny, when you do your laundry and for some reason you end up with missing socks? Or you just have so many, that it takes ever so long for you to put them all together in pairs?

I mean really, where in the world do they go? I just don’t know. Ha!  Please let me know if you do. TeeHee.

One day while I was doing laundry at my mom’s, when she noticed that I was using this little mesh laundry bag for my kiddos socks and thought it was a good idea.

So I just had to share it with all of you lovely people. =)  Anything to make our lives easier right?


This is how it happened. I remembered I had one of those mesh laundry sacks for delicates. That was rarely being used. That’s when I decided I was going to use it for all of my little pajaritos (birdies) socks.

I just found that it was so tedious and time consuming to be searching and sifting through the newly laundered clothing to find all of those pairs of little socks. Especially, since they tend to stick to the clothing from the static. Plus I just have so many more other things that I can be doing than taking my time to go through and sort socks. That’s when I told myself, there just had to be a better way.

 IMG_1786 And this was the end result.

I am so so happy that I started using this wonderful little bag. It has made laundry time a little easier and a lot more pleasanter than it used to be. Ha ha !

Make your laundry time a little bit more of a happy time too.  =)

If you have any laundry secrets that make your laundry time much easier, I would love to hear about it!

Ahh, the little things in life. =)

In His Love,


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