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Our Summer Fun To Do List 2014


 Summer Fun !

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Wow, Summer has officially started. Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything for a while. Since my last post my “little Caballero” just turned 5 years old in April. And then my “little Pajarito” turned 3 years old in June. Our darling little girl is already 9months old. And my “Sheriff” officially finished his First Grade school year. So needless to say it has been pretty busy over here.

Now then I thought I would share a little fun tradition that we have started in our home a year ago. This is what we do.

We talk about all of the fun things that we would like to do for the summer and then put them on a big

“Summer To Do List”, a sort of summer “bucket list”, so to speak.  Here is what I used to make it.


I wrote it out with different colored markers on pieces of white construction paper that are 12 x 18.


After I make the list all bright and colorful. Then I tape the pieces of paper together, to make a long banner.

Here is a picture of the way it turned out this year:

2014-06-24 17.06.14        2014-06-24 17.06.28          2014-06-24 17.10.01

I took pictures of it in clips so you can see the wording easily. 

This year we came up with 36 things to do. Of course we might not get to do everything on the list, but it’s a fun way to see on paper the many options that we can do to have fun and bless others.

Here is the list typed up, due to the poor quality in the picture of my list above. I did not have the best camera when I took them. 


1. Summer Photo Shoot

2. Make tie die shirts

3. Do sidewalk chalk

4. Mail a letter to 10 people

5. Living room campout

6. Read Books Under a Tree

7. Beach Day/Build Sand Castles

8. Go Swimming 1 x a week

9. Park Day BBQ with Friends

10. Go on a Nature Walk 

11. BBQ at Home

12. Go to the Fair 

13. Park Day Pic Nic 

13. Make cookies and give some to the neighbors.

14. Go on a night hike and look for stars. 

15. Ice Cream Party/Invite Friends 

16. Fly kites at the beach/park 

17. Visit a Splash Garden 

18. Water play and water balloons

19. Movie/Pajama Night

20. Go to the Library 1 x a week

21. Watch the sunset at the Beach

22. Go to the mountains

23. Take a bike ride

24. Play hide and go seek

25. Hand out bubbles at the park/beach

26. Make ice cream in a bag 

27. Handprints/footprints keepsake

28. Hand out balloons at the park/beach

29. Visit with friends and family

30. Sort through toys, clothes, and books to donate. 

31. Read books at the beach 

32. Make cookies for a Police or Fire Station

33. Pick up trash at the park or beach

34. Read books and drink hot cocoa

35. Make blessing bags to hand out. 

36. Make bookmarks to leave in library books


I am giving you my “Summer Fun To Do List”, to download, which includes 20 more fun choices for free!


Download it here:

Summer Fun Things To Do List


What are some of your family’s summer traditions? I’m sure there are some that I may not have on our list. We would love to hear all about them. 

Don’t forget to share this fun activity with your friends and family.  

What a wonderful way to have so many fun activities to choose from that cost little or nothing.

I absolutely love that!

I’m all about saving $$$!! 



Happy Summer!

In His Love,





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