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Writing Through the Word: Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, & Philemon

Hello Everyone!

I am so happy that I have gotten to catch up and finish the schedules for the books of Thessalonians for February, 1 & 2 Timothy for March, and Titus and Philemon for the month of April.  Thank you for being patient with me.

I am also working on the schedule for the book of Hebrews for the month of May. Please check the next post for the schedule and join me as we continue to write through the word and hiding God’s word in our hearts.  Print out these schedules, so if you have a chance you can catch up on reading and writing these books also.    His word speaks.  Doesn’t matter if you are behind or late, no matter what it’s all about being in His word everyday.  Feeding and nourishing our soul.

Here are the schedules for you to download.

Download 1 & 2 Thessalonians here:

Download “February-the-book-of-1-2-Thessalonians.pdf” February-the-book-of-1-2-Thessalonians.pdf – Downloaded 60 times – 38 KB

Download 1 & 2 Thessalonians en espanol here:

Download “February-the-book-of-1-2-Thessalonians-in-Spanish.pdf” February-the-book-of-1-2-Thessalonians-in-Spanish.pdf – Downloaded 34 times – 38 KB

Download 1 & 2 Timothy here:

Download “March-1-2-Timothy-1.pdf” March-1-2-Timothy-1.pdf – Downloaded 56 times – 34 KB

Download 1 & 2 Timothy en espanol here:

Download “March-1-2-Timothy-Spanish-1.pdf” March-1-2-Timothy-Spanish-1.pdf – Downloaded 35 times – 32 KB

Download Titus and Philemon here:

Download “April-Titus-and-Philemon.pdf” April-Titus-and-Philemon.pdf – Downloaded 49 times – 45 KB


Download Titus and Philemon en espanol here:

Download “April-Titus-and-Philemon-in-espanol.pdf” April-Titus-and-Philemon-in-espanol.pdf – Downloaded 42 times – 41 KB

May you be blessed as you spend time with your heavenly Father each day.

Have a wonderful day!

In His Love,



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