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Writing Through the Word: The Book of II Corinthians

Happy September everyone!!

So excited to share this months writing through the word  schedule for II Corinthians.  Time sure does fly!! Can’t believe that it will be fall in a few weeks!!  I am always ready for the cooler weather when it comes.  How about you?

This month we will be able to finish the book of II Corinthians because it is a shorter book.

Then for October on to the book of Galations and then continue our way through the bible.

And so here is September’s  writing through the word schedule for the book of II Corinthians.

Click the link below:

Download “II-Corinhians-September.pdf” II-Corinhians-September.pdf – Downloaded 87 times – 528 KB


Please let me know how you are doing writing through the word, if you like the new format of the schedule, or if you have any questions whatsoever.  I hope to have all of the schedules together for download anytime, so stay tuned.  Until next time, have a wonderful first day of September and may you be blessed as you read and write God’s word.

In His Love,



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