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Writing Through the Word: The Book of Philippians

Hello Everyone!

Merry Christmas!!

It’s so exciting that we are going to finish out the year writing through the book of Philippians!!

Seriously, can’t believe that we have already been writing through the word since the month of May!! Time sure is flying, like literally!!  And with everything going on this month, I totally fell behind on getting out the schedule.  So I am super thankful that I am finally able to have it up for you.

I know it is super busy right now, trust me, especially having four little ones, I totally know how it is.  But I must stay focused on my time with Him in the word.  He is my rock and my strength. You guys He is totally my life line!!  So even though we have a million things to do for the season, may we remember, that He is the reason for the season.

So here you go friends the writing schedule for the book of Philippians in English and in Spanish.


Click here to download in English:

Download “December-Writing-through-the-word-Philippians.pdf” December-Writing-through-the-word-Philippians.pdf – Downloaded 133 times – 43 KB


Click here to download in Spanish:

Download “December-Writing-through-the-word-en-espanol.pdf” December-Writing-through-the-word-en-espanol.pdf – Downloaded 106 times – 42 KB

Have a wonderful day and Christmas season with your family and loved ones.  Until next time.  May you be blessed as you continue to read, and write through the word.  And please don’t forget to subscribe to my website to receive all the latest posts.

In His Love,


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